Move on….

Part - 1 Move on is the most widely given advice, which is in fact easily said than done. It makes me wonder whether those people or the so called well wishers, really mean it when they say move on. Or is it because they don't know any thing else to say and end up... Continue Reading →


How far will you go for your love?

How far can one go for his love is one hell of a dare question. It’s one of the most frequently asked questions by my beloved friends and concerned well-wishers. How far can one really go for his love? I have read about Savitri who went after Yamraj, begging for her husband’s life and how... Continue Reading →

Those word which I left unsaid

“She had an overwhelming desire to tell him, like the most banal of women. Don't let me go, hold me tight, make me your plaything, your slave, be strong! But they were words she could not say. The only thing she said when he released her from his embrace was, “You don't know how happy... Continue Reading →

The Elephant Beach

A light breeze came tiptoe, tickled my eyelids and went to play hide and seek. I opened my eyes to see a beautiful view of bedroom windows opened to white beach sand contoured by olive green frothy waves. For one minute I thought I am dreaming, a beautiful dream of my nuptials. I strained my... Continue Reading →

Once there lived a girl who loved, adored and dreamt of fairy tales. She always longed for a handsome prince who would come riding a white charger to sweep her off the ground in a swift movement, stealing her away from this doomed world to his kingdom where happiness shone brightly during the day and... Continue Reading →

Old Man and the World

​That day was a well spent one, as I got to play with my new toy, a brand-new DSLR camera. Whole day I clicked snaps of silly and useless things just to check out the features of my new gadget. By the evening I was damn tired and to worsen the situation I had to... Continue Reading →

SWOT Analysis

​Dedicated to Ershaa, without you, my two years of MBA would have been very, very boring. Here I'm going to tell you about an incident, when I messed up my life beyond I could afford to mess, how it affected my very existence and how it changed my life for good. First of all, let... Continue Reading →

Unrequited Love

​“I like you and love you a lot; but… but not in the way you feel for me. You are a nice girl, very good, understanding, empathetic and caring….” He trailed away trying very hard to pick the best, neutral words to fill in the silence, to complete his sentence; his justification. “Believe me, you... Continue Reading →

My last crush

Once I met a guy and found him to be the perfect match for me and I still believe so. I have seen many guys who appeared nice and worth courting, but this guy; well, is an exception. He is the only one I felt as of my kind. If you are meeting him for... Continue Reading →

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