Sickening Thoughts

I'm angry I'm irritated I'm stuck and fed up with my life I'm done I'm feeling sick I'm being silly and stupid I'm mad I'm moreover depressed And I'm donner than done.


A clichéd love

How passionately I may adore you, How ardently I may yearn for you, You still choose to call my love A clichéd love.

My love for you…

You threw away my love like cold pizza There, it lay like an unwanted piece of shit. Once again your nonchalance murdered My yearning for your love and attention, And I die a thousand death deep inside my heart. You hurl accusations at me, Pacing up and down the hallway, Counting my flaws one by... Continue Reading →

All of You

I’m falling for you and you won’t even know it. I’m living through your words and I won’t utter a word about it. Trust me, I’m in love with your perfect imperfections And that's what love is all about. Love always make its visit unannounced And it had caught me again off-guard, Turning my world... Continue Reading →

Why am I not the worthy?

You seem to be that distant Shining dot, calling me, Tempting me with the jewel I have always coveted To have, your companionship. Your brilliance mesmerizes me, Making me come to you like A magnetic attraction. With every step I take I could hear you saying “One more and you are here with me”. How many... Continue Reading →


Come, please be seated Let me show you a peek of my mind. Don't be shy. I know that You always wondered about What's going through my head. Why are you hesitating? Aren't you interested in Reading my thoughts and views. Don't you want to know about My darkest secrets and troubling past You were... Continue Reading →

I will dance

Today I will dance, like I danced never before Past are those games of gain And lose; and the vanity preying ego Where winners are praised Competition is the religion Eyes turn on coin clinks But I have grown beyond all these Since I no longer believe in these And I will dance today like... Continue Reading →

Unconditionally Ignored

And I wasted my time Trying to please you While you were Ignoring me unconditionally. I loved you When I never Existed for you. You kept on playing your Mobile games and I Eagerly waited for your One dimpled smile, A pat on my cheek. Living under the same roof Enclosed within the four walls,... Continue Reading →

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