The Elephant Beach

A light breeze came tiptoe, tickled my eyelids and went to play hide and seek. I opened my eyes to see a beautiful view of bedroom windows opened to white beach sand contoured by olive green frothy waves. For one minute I thought I am dreaming, a beautiful dream of my nuptials.

I strained my ears hard to hear the guest faculty’s worn out sound describing the Factories Act of 1948. But what I heard instead was beautiful cackling of a bird. I got out of the bed slowly while wrapping myself with a gown over my pyjamas. My naked feet touched the cool smooth wooden floor, reinforcing the fact that I am not dreaming. I heard the cackle once again and couldn’t hold the curiosity any more. Ignoring my bathroom slippers, I walked towards the direction of the sound. The bedroom door opened to a small hall with its door ajar. Door was just closed enough to reveal the wide beach and its pristine white sand through its wide slit. I held the door handle lightly and pulled it back to get mesmerized before the magnificent view of beach. I don’t know for how long I stood there watching the waves kissing the shore again and again. It took a hi from a beautiful macaw to wake me up from the trance. A wooden stand was placed near the door, over which the bird had perched up on. It shook it plume, flung its wings to its entirety and took a flight, before settling back to its former position. It had a red crown and a combination of red, blue, green colour adorned its body. It was so beautiful that I couldn’t even realize that I was gawking it with my head tilted to one side till the moment it also started staring at me with its head tilted.

“Sorry”, I mumbled after doubting that the bird got startled. Something had made the bird to leave its stand, take a flight and alight lightly on my left shoulder. “Mario” it cawed, as my eyes found the shining metal plate which was chained to the stand. It bore the word Mario. “Aaaw, your name is Mario”, I said. It winked its eyes in agreement and motioned towards the hall. I obeyed its whim enthusiastically and entered the small but cosy looking hall. It had minimal furniture but was elegant like a chamber. The bedroom stood right to me joining the hall naturally. The king sized bed was cosy and welcoming, but I preferred to explore the resort and beach which held my undivided attention. The pleasure of waking up to a beach view is not something to which one could get access every day.

The resort was a well-furnished chamber of a bedroom, a wash room and a cosy looking hall. I could see suitcases piled up in one corner and one was left half opened. Someone had used the dressing table and the wash room. Dresses were neatly folded and stacked in to wardrobe. I took a look of the washroom and was awestruck by its brilliant design. The sunlight entered through transparent glass roof with all its majesty and filled up the washroom giving it a divine look. Lighted aromatic candles augmented the ambience, making the cottage more romantic.

As if got bored, Mario let out a caw sound and flew out. I tried to follow its flight but I lost the track and ended up being alone on the most beautiful beach I have ever seen. The white beach sand and the shallow green waters took my breath away, leaving me wonder whether I am still in my dream. I watched and watched the beautiful sight of frothy tides kissing and embracing the shore as passionate couples.

Two strong and warm hands held me by my waist and pulled closer to him as if we are two detachable parts of a single sculpture. I was caught off guarded and found him settling his neck over my shoulders. Then he whispered ever so lightly, making my cheeks go red with blushing.

“Nice view, I hope you like it, Mrs Jacob”.

Mrs Jacob, I chanted it again and again familiarizing myself with the recent change to my relationship status and name. He held me more closely, claiming as his own and rocked ever so lightly. Two days prior to this day, I was the master of I, me & myself, living life in my own terms, adamant to the core, haughty, giving a damn to the world, impulsive, arrogant and cared only for oneself. But today, this very second I am loving my new name. I am loving the way he calls me as his. I am loving the way he is holding and touching me. I am loving the way he consider me as his own. Moreover I am in love with being Mrs Jacob.

My reverie got disturbed by his deep, husky authoritative tone. “So my princess had just woke up, had a sound sleep?” he asked. A strange, yet unknown emotion washed over me. His voice had a new edge over my feelings and the very knowledge of the fact made me blush more. Suddenly I turned and hid my face over his warm chest. He cradled me with his hands, smiling and enjoying my response at the same time.

I asked myself, had I ever experienced this much pleasure in being called as someone else. That lovely feeling of belonging to someone special. It’s like my heart is beating for sure, but for him. Even though I am breathing, but each breath is chanting his name. Is this called falling in love after wedding? I could feel that I am entirely different from the one I used to be 2 days ago. He seemed to read my silent talk inside my heart and whispered, yes, this is love.


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