Why am I not the worthy?

You seem to be that distant
Shining dot, calling me,
Tempting me with the jewel
I have always coveted
To have, your companionship.

Your brilliance mesmerizes me,
Making me come to you like
A magnetic attraction.
With every step I take
I could hear you saying
One more and you are here with me”.

How many paces I took?
I don’t know!
How long I have been walking?
I don’t know!
But I kept on walking with my
Hands stretched towards you,
Thinking that I would reach you for sure.

Then suddenly, all at once I’m
A few paces away from you.
I ran hard, eagerly in your direction.
My stretched hands caught you
And I held you tightly in my clasped hands.
Slowly, I loosened my catch,
With the smug smile of a winner
Only to see my sweaty, fair palm.

I looked up and saw you
Cackling, with the devilish laughter,
Saying aloud that you fooled me.
I asked in a complaining tone of a sulky child
“You have captivated me by
Enthralling my soul,
You urge me to come and seek you
But when I’m there, almost there,
Why are you denying me the
Pleasure of your presence?”

The silence around me spoke for you
Dawning on my conscience as a revelation
That I thought you were shining for me
Your brilliance was meant for me,
Like the rest of the world, I too
Started the impossible journey
To make you mine, only mine
But I was unaware of the truth
That only the worthy could get you.”

And I couldn’t help myself from
Asking the question,
Why am I not the worthy?


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