23 and unloved

Once there lived a girl who loved, adored and dreamt of fairy tales. She always longed for a handsome prince who would come riding a white charger to sweep her off the ground in a swift movement, stealing her away from this doomed world to his kingdom where happiness shone brightly during the day and peace sang you to sleep. She lived in that tall, abandoned tower, along with her dreams. As every morning came she believed that she has a day less of the waiting. Every day her optimism won over her best friend ‘loneliness’. She stayed up late nights thinking what will she say when her prince would come to see her. She started waiting for the prince ever since she could remember and she waited for that day, the d day.

Days passed, months passed, seasons changed, but her prince never came. She never uttered a word of complaint since she believed her prince is searching for his princess all over the world and one day he will come for sure. So she waited happily weaving beautiful dreams; using golden and silver skeins of silk threads to create floral motifs of happiness and laughter. Do you know how dark it is there in those gloomy stone walled chambers. The gloom and loneliness in those chambers would suck your soul from deep inside your mind. Do not let it happen, it’s the awful thing that could ever happen. So our girl cocooned inside that tower, lighting the rooms with lamp of hope and draping the windows with curtains of laced dreams. She made that little abandoned tower to a world she could claim as hers. The only thing she could claim as hers.

As the sun gives his throne of the horizon to the moon, things also have to change; as the wise said change is the only thing that is constant. It’s the time when Spring has to bid goodbye from the countryside and make its way to autumn. End of spring and the beginning of autumn is the busiest period of the year with storing up, during which the nature’s splendor turns to dearth, festivals to hoarding up. Our dear girl has also filled her granary, with nuts, grains, dried fruits and hope; lots of hope; the precious aid one would need to live in this lone world.

Time could take its own pace to move. It can fly, like a tree shedding its leaves in fall or wade, like the slowest of the sea turtle; but it moves for sure. The gray autumn was the girl’s favorite season in spite of its dearth and steel chill. She believed that it alone represented the nature’s true feelings and emotions. She found her plain, detail lacking life reflected back to her as in a mirror whenever she stared at the bare trunks of leafless trees. You could say that even the nature tried to replicate her moods. She has never been to galas and festivities and nor found interest in those. One might call her young, but she knew how it’s to be in the middle of a crowd and still being alone. No wonder that, how void and colorless the tower may be, she found a world within which she could connect herself.

Human beings are funny creatures. They think they know what they want from their life. Do they know? They don’t as a matter of fact. They keep on going with the hunt to achieve their objectives, the pursuit of making one’s life a meaningful one, one with a practical goal. The majority may succeed in their crusade. However they won’t get the content feeling they searched for all these years even after achieving all the tasks and ambitions. That feeling of saturation is like a glass is full of water to the brim, any more addition would cause the spill. Humans look for more from their life because he got what he wanted from life, contradicting the content feeling and destroying their peace of mind. Our girl also is not an exception. Just like the cogs of wheels form the perfect fit, destiny also sets the shuffled jigsaw puzzle called life at the click of time. Remember what the wise men said – you won’t get what you wish for, before time and not more than you are destined to have.

Next spring came and our girl got her prince. He came on his white charger, identified his princess in a speck of a second, swept her off the floor in a swift movement and took off to his palace. Thus comes the celebrated ending of a perfect fairy tale followed by happily ever after. But my question is could she live happily ever after. Let’s see. Our girl and the prince had a splendid wedding and she became the princess and in turns the queen. She has maids, servants to wait upon. She gets the coziest of cozy chambers for private use; gowns so beautiful one could ever dream of, pearls and gems; what not to say, she got the splendor at her fingertips and the perfect husband. What does she want more? For the first one month she was happy, no, not just happy; she was the happiest of all beings in the world. She tasted the care and security she always craved to have. She, for the first time in her life is being treated as human, with respect and honor. She enjoyed palatable banquets, waltzed the most happening balls, attended galas. She had the life which she dreamed of.

How perfect may be the conjured charm, one day it will lose its charm for sure. The fantasy which had captured our girl started getting bleak. She tried changing the curtains, tried new jewelry and gowns. But the feeling of losing something precious kept on nagging her. She turned to be a fish out of water. The protocols and long charades of royalty worsened the situation. And one day as if in a trance she left the palace and started a journey without any idea on where to. Ever wondered how swarms of migrating birds set their journey and end up at their destination without the help of any compass and map. One may call it instincts, innate or sixth sense, but there is something which guides them through all obstacles, leading them to their haven. A puzzled mind would also, how confused and tumultuous it may be, find its way out of the maze and reach for the solace which it was yearning for, than anything. The girl has also set out on a journey searching for the missing chunk of her life called the inner peace.

*Thanks to Vipin for the pic


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