Once there lived a girl who loved, adored and dreamt of fairy tales. She always longed for a handsome prince who would come riding a white charger to sweep her off the ground in a swift movement, stealing her away from this doomed world to his kingdom where happiness shone brightly during the day and... Continue Reading →



Come, please be seated Let me show you a peek of my mind. Don't be shy. I know that You always wondered about What's going through my head. Why are you hesitating? Aren't you interested in Reading my thoughts and views. Don't you want to know about My darkest secrets and troubling past You were... Continue Reading →

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My Experiments with Life

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പൊടിമോന്‍കഥകള്‍ : podimonkathakal

കളി, ചിരി , കാര്യം പിന്നെ കളിയിൽ അല്പം കാര്യവും