Till then it’s a good bye from me

​I will be back, when I prove myself
To be worthy of you.
Till then it’s a good bye from me
Even if you are least bothered with my existence. 

I will be back, when my punctured
Self esteem picks it up again
When my raptured soul mends up again;
And the deep gashes of my wounded
Heart heal back.

The wounds and bruises may heal,
But what about those shattered hopes
And disfigured dreams which I had
Nurtured close to my heart?

How will I mollify my hurt emotions
And the blunt blows received by my heart
Which had scarred and charred my seamless love for you?

How, how and how? 
My heart will keep on lamenting.
How can one be at ease when
She is mercilessly brushed aside by her love?
Does time really heal the mental agony
And emotional trauma of fragile mind?

No, time has no such magical charms,
But it will make sure that every day, every second,
You face the pain and get drenched in it so deep that,
Slowly, the senses would get used to it, succumb to it
Eventually turning you numb to that scalding pain.

And then I will be back, when I will tame my
Inner turmoil, my insecurities
When I will refine myself to be a better person worthy of you,
When I could use my numbness to shield your indifference
When I could be the real ME, like a phoenix bird rising
From its own ashes.

And when I am back, scars of my bitter experience
Will tell you the stories of my survival.
Watch out, as the game is gonna change,
The reins will be in my hands.
I will make sure that you are defeated forever.
Till then it’s a good bye from me.


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