My last crush

Once I met a guy and found him to be the perfect match for me and I still believe so. I have seen many guys who appeared nice and worth courting, but this guy; well, is an exception. He is the only one I felt as of my kind. If you are meeting him for the first time, he is definitely the kind who is to leave a bad impression on your mind. Even I had the same awkward feeling. I always saw him with a burning cigarette between his lips, that classic rough and tough look. There were many photos of him showing off his smoking expertise. And he had named those photos with weird names like thinking smoker, glowing amber etc. For him a photo with a burning cigarette between the lips are “sexy”. If you ask me in which angle one could see sexiness in it; then, I am totally clueless. But it was sexy for him and I loved to believe him.

It took quite a lot of time for me to realize that cigarettes and the looks were the mask he wore intentionally to hide from those set of sophisticated lot. As time passed, I saw him, getting transformed from a vague figure in the fog to a metal piece in the gleaming sun. When I saw the real him, I was dazzled by his simple, plain innocence. I realized that behind those black thick rimmed spectacles, his beetle black eyes sparkled more brilliantly than a diamond. I felt that his unkempt jet black hairs, which had fallen to his wide forehead, deserved the caress of a soft hand. I loved the tickling sensation I had, when I stroked his half shaven cheeks. I even started admiring the beauty of semi-dark complexion. I spent many nights wishing to get semi-dark complexion instead of my fair one. And I even crafted a theory that semi-dark complexion is gorgeous because he has that complexion. I loved the way his long slender fingers lingered on my hair. When he stroked my cheeks ever so lightly, it was like I am precious. I felt my heart yearning for him; for his love.

Oh I was in love. The feeling itself is making my cheeks blush. When my single most cells started craving for his presence, I ended up exploring new dimensions of love. I crazily followed his footprints on the wet beach sand, in a vain attempt to confine my world with in his shadow. Oh you should see him making his way through the crowd, like a tiger strolling through the wilderness and how gracefully he leaned on the ivy clad metal archway waiting for my chemistry classes to end. When he ruthlessly conquered the fragile hearts of all girls in my college, I alone had his soul and heart. Yes, he is mine, only mine.

It was always difficult to separate him from the cigarette smoke. Even then, the rings of smoke created halos over his head and his eyes serene yet bright with the burning thoughts and his parted lips casting the enigmatic smile which would put Monalisa to shame, remembered me of nothing but the kindful cherub, Gabriel lost in thoughts. Well I had the luxury to portray my guardian angel as a smoker. When all the girls of my college devoted him with their undivided attention, his eyes were all for me and I found pleasure in seeing myself reflected in his black eyes. It’s something I would call ethereal. Because when I looked into his smouldering eyes, I saw how important I’m for him.

Of all things in the world, he chose me; he chose to hold my hands. And nothing else mattered.


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