Unconditionally Ignored

And I wasted my time
Trying to please you
While you were
Ignoring me

I loved you
When I never
Existed for you.
You kept on playing your
Mobile games and I
Eagerly waited for your
One dimpled smile,
A pat on my cheek.

Living under the same roof
Enclosed within the four walls,
We lived like strangers
Differenced by the thoughts
Likes, dislikes and arguments.

And you ignored me
While I loved you
With all my blood and soul
With that passion you
Could never imagine.
But it never made any
Difference, for I failed you.

I failed your expectations
To live up to your dreams
To be sensible enough for you
Mature enough to be your love
I failed you miserably.

Still I tried to be the one you dreamed
I’m trying to be one even after
Knowing that I’m not a marriage material
Can’t you see that all I need is
Your love and attention.

And you ignored me
Just like you used to do
And I suffered in silence
Waiting for you to love me back
For I love you more than myself
And you are my world now.


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