RIP – The Inner Me

Ladies and gentlemen, we all are gathered here to grieve on the memory of the effervescent Inner Me who has met its premature death, the last night. I sincerely thank each and every one of you, who were present and became a part of my dear Inner Me’s existence. Without you, the life and existence of Inner Me over this earth, for the last 26 years would have been non eventful and barren. I thank each one of you for teaching our beloved departed soul the valuable lessons of living a fruitful life.

Death is the ultimate reality and truth. I hope that my Inner Me finally gets to have the peace and eternity it always deserved. Well, death is always considered as the continuation of life, but only in an imaginary, parallel world. Now that Inner Me is gone forever, my life has attained a stage where I could perceive things without feeling much for it. It’s like having a heavy dose of morphine, cutting out one from the feelings and still being aware of what’s going on around. I will off course miss and remember my sweet little Inner Me, but without it I’m able to associate with things and subjects without getting attached to it. You know very well that getting emotionally attached to something is nothing lesser than taking a lethal poison.

Now that Inner Me is gone, I can watch all those cute couples’ photos without sighing and longing for my true love to come; I can attend marriages without wondering when and whether my one side love would get complete. Now onwards I could watch love stories just like watching a comedy film, without lamenting over my horrible love life. Moreover I can finally offer authentic “from the bottom of my heart” wishes to all those friends of mine who are lucky enough to find the love of their life. Now that my Inner Me is really gone, I would finally get impermeable to feelings. Getting myself insulated from the burden of feelings is the greatest gift little Inner Me has left for me before heading to its final destination, the immortality. I must say, the gift is so nice that I can remain forever cold and numb without feeling anything. Isn’t that great to remain stoic in this damned world full of treachery, jealousy, disappointment and hatred.

So, dear all, lets take this moment to pray for the beautiful soul of Inner Me who has left us to reach where it ultimately belonged. I’m taking this opportunity to thank all for coming here and becoming a part of this funeral service. May the soul of my dear Inner Me rest in peace forever.


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